With finitia professionalize your central services

The world is changing fast. The continuous further development of professional competence is as crucial for architectural or engineering offices as for all players. What about your central services? Do you have enough time in the hectic pace of day-to-day business to secure your competitive advantage?

finitia solves this dilemma for you: We offer up-to-date expertise in finance, digitisation and IT, infrastructure and processes, marketing and communication, human resources and management in general.

Your benefit

Finance and Controlling

We accompany your organization from budgeting to proper accounting including payment transactions and debt collection to the preparation of financial statements and auditing. 

Financial and liquidity plans are just as much a part of our daily business as the analysis of your key figures. We use our tools and know-how to establish flawless project controlling and risk management so that you can take appropriate measures quickly.

IT including CAD

Our IT specialists look after your IT infrastructure on your behalf and advise you on its further development. We combine our industry knowledge as draftsmen and architects with our know-how in software and hardware, especially CAD software.

In addition, you can rely on our reliable support for networks, computers, printers and telephone systems. Data backup, firewall and license management complement our IT services. Our hotline is always available for your employees during office hours.

Marketing and communication

With a long-term marketing and communication strategy you bundle your strengths and equip your company for the market requirements of the future. We support you in developing your corporate strategy, derive a tailor-made marketing and communication concept and measures, which we are happy to implement for you. We take care of ongoing activities such as website updates, social media publications, customer events, fair presentations, etc.


In public limited companies in particular, we support the Executive Board vis-à-vis the Board of Directors. We inform you about legal changes and organise your general meetings. We keep up-to-date agenda lists, minutes and pending lists, keep and organize company files, list of signatures and entries in the commercial register. We ensure the exchange of information among all stakeholders. We are familiar with governance management and apply it to preserve the trust in your company.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the visualization method that comes closest to reality. For the first time, the client can experience his project first hand before it physically exists.

Finitia designs immersive visualizations which close the gap between design and experienced reality. Equipped with only VR glasses, the viewer enters his project and moves in it.







Finance & Controlling









Marketing & Communication

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