What is VR?

  • Virtual reality is the visualization method that comes closest to reality. For the first time, the client can experience his project first hand before it physically exists.​

  • Finitia designs immersive visualizations which close the gap between design and experienced reality. Equipped with only VR glasses, the viewer enters his project and moves in it.

The technology

  • For our VR productions we use the latest software from «Unreal Engine», a real-time rendering software. With it we realize lifelike, convincing scenes with photorealistic lighting and textures.

Virtual Reality Services - an experience with added value

The details

  • Create transparency: in contrast to the purchase off plan, customers can see what they are buying thanks to VR. They see and understand the space, scale and materiality of their project, thereby dispelling uncertainties and misunderstandings.

  • Lay people with little knowledge in plan reading understand the method as easily as professionals.

  • Material and equipment variants are easy to visualize.

  • Changes are made before the start of construction, which noticeably reduces costs.

  • The interaction between the building and the surrounding area is made visible and can be optimized before the start of construction.

  • Architects and planners gain an attractive opportunity to present their portfolio.

  • VR will inspire sales negotiations, and without much advance investment from your side.